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WSI Laboratory Work Bench PB3696-WB – 96″W x 36″D Adj. Plastic Laminate – Blue


Mobile 72″ X 30″ Shop Top Workbench – Gray


48″W x 36″D Mobile Adjustable Height C-Channel Leg Workbench – Steel – Gray


Winholt Mobile Cabinet Shop Desk OTE-2224-GY See-Through Mesh & Riser 22W” x 22″D x 49-1/2″H – Gray


Cabinet Shop Desk with Pigeonhole Compartment Riser 34-1/2″W x 30″D x 51-1/2″H – Gray


Workbench Power Riser 72″W x 15″D x 18″D – Gray


Diversified Woodcrafts 48″W x 24″D Woodworking Bench, Maple


Premium 4 Drawer Workbench Pedestal W/Built-In Base


Pucel Mobile Open-Base Shop Desk MSD-2023 – Pigeonhole Riser 23″W x 20″D x 51″H Sloped Surface Gray


Folding Wall Mount Shop Desk with Lock 20″W x 3-3/8″D x 16-3/8″H – Tan


Tech Bench w/ Sliding Door 4′ Single 60″W, Red


Completed Panel Kit for 60″W Bench with Two 18″W Louver, 18″W Pegboard, Mounting Rail, Upright – Tan


Wall Mount Shop Desk with Pigeonhole Riser, Pegboard Panel & Top Shelf 34-1/2″W x 30″D x 61″H – Gray


Cabinet Shop Desk with 4 Drawers & Pigeonhole Compartment Riser 34-1/2″W x 30″D x 51-1/2″H – Gray


Cabinet Shop Desk with Pigeonhole Riser, Pegboard & Top Shelf 34-1/2″W x 30″D x 80″H – Blue


Storage Workbench Cabinet 17-1/4″W x 20″D x 16″H – Blue


24 X 36 X 36 Cabinet Shop Stand – Maple- Black


Winholt Mobile Open-Base Shop Desk RDMWN-3 with Pigeonhole Riser 24″W x 22″D x 48″H – Sloped – Gray


Pucel Mobile Cabinet Shop Desk FED-2023 with 2 Locking Drawers 23″W x 20″D x 51″H – Blue


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Ergospec offers comfortable and reliable workbenches and configurable workbench systems. We offer a wide variety of size and durabilty options, all for affordable prices. Trust Ergospec for all your workstation & table needs. 

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Whether you are looking for a complete production workstation or a durable butcher block workbench, we have a workbench to suit your needs. 

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What exactly is a workstation?

A workstation is exactly what it sounds like: a station at which to do various kinds of work and to complete a wide range of projects. However, there is so much more to this type of equipment than that. A workstation, also referred to as a workbench, is a solution to all of your workplace needs. No matter what kind of projects you work on or what kinds of tools you use to complete them, a workstation can make your job easier, safer, and more convenient than you ever thought possible. With a well organized, sturdy workstation, you can significantly increase your productivity, and the right station for your needs will also keep you comfortable even if you are working for hours on end. Time will fly while work gets done when you choose a quality, reliable, and durable workstation for your home or business.

What kinds of industries use workstations?

Workstations are a key piece of equipment for many different types of industries. And for each one, there are various options available to suit the exact needs of the worker. For example, for assembly line workers, the perfect workstation will be just the right height and width to effectively complete work in a precision-based and fast-paced environment. Additional shelving can be used to house the tools and materials while working on the line to make increasing productivity a breeze. For a garage or shop or for electronics assembly, testing, and inspection, workers will need to have a place for a wide variety of different types of tools that are all within arms’ reach. For these industries, workstations with peg boards and other compartments to store tools are ideal. There are workstations specifically designed for all types of woodworking projects, and others that are perfect for packing and shipping. There are even custom options for automotive and laboratory technicians. Whatever you need, no matter how specialized, there is a workstation that is just right for you.


I need workstations for employees of different heights; is it possible to accommodate them all?

No matter what industry you work in, when you are looking for the best workstations for your employees, you need to have options. Odds are, each of your workers have their own unique body type, and one of the keys to productive work is comfort. This means that your tallest employees should certainly not be working at the same workstation as your shortest employees. This is why it is very important to opt for workstations that are fully adjustable. When the station is adjustable, you do not need to worry about losing productivity from workers who are forced to bend or reach in uncomfortable positions for hours on end, causing inefficient work habits and possibly resulting in injuries. Luckily, fully adjustable and well built workstations are available for you.


How is ergonomics applied to workplace conditions?

Ergonomics is the study of work environments. By studying work environments, the workers within them, and the tools and equipment they use, ergonomic professionals can determine weak spots in your production. These weak spots could be ways in which your employees are at risk for injuries or other types of health hazards, as well as which areas of the job could be made to run more efficiently. Ergonomics is an important part of almost all types of work environments. Whether you are packaging materials, looking through a microscope, or assembling electronics, workstations that are ergonomically optimized will improve your workflow.


How can ergonomics be applied specifically to workstations?

Ergonomics is all about safety, comfort, and productivity. When a workstation is ill fitting for the user or risks causing injuries, switching it out for an ergonomic option is the way to go. A key component of an ergonomic workstation is adjustability. The station should be able to be adjusted to accommodate the user’s precise height. Even individuals who are the same height may need to adjust the workstation for different levels to accommodate each individual’s reach and waist height. Not only will choosing an ergonomic workstation reduce the risk of injury, it will also increase the productivity and output of the user. Being comfortable and able to stand or sit and work with ease is a great way to create more efficiency in the workplace.


I do not know much about workstations; can someone help me figure out what I need?

Because there are so many different types of workstations to choose from and many that are made for specific industries, you might not be sure which one is the best option for you or your workers. The friendly, knowledgeable experts at ErgoSpec Workstations are here to help. We will go over the precise specifications you need for exactly the type of work being done, and we will make recommendations for the best type of workstation for your needs. Plus, if your work requires a heavy duty workstation, we offer a variety of durability options, as well. And if you require any accessories to go with your workstations, like stools or bench tops, we have you covered. Nothing is more important to us than providing top notch customer service.


Can workstations come with multiple compartments to fit my needs?

Depending on the type of work being done, you may not need any workstation compartments at all or your work may require many compartments of varying types and sizes. This is why we provide so many options. Many of our workstations come with additional storage options like drawers, shelving, peg boards, and more. All of the components of our stations are durable and made to last, ensuring you get what you need from your workstation and can utilize it effectively for many years to come.


I have a limited budget; is there a workstation option for me?

Because we provide a wide variety of workstation options, we know we have one that will work for your budget. We will work with you to find the most convenient, helpful, and affordable option to suit your needs and that will also get the job done right. We take great pride in being able to provide our customers with reliable, quality products that are also affordable. 

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